Our Story

Mama Ibado Charity (MIC) is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) formed from humble beginnings in 2011 with one objective in mind: Restoring Dignity and Hope to our seniors. Since its initial launch, Founder Ahmed Jibril and his team of dedicated MIC volunteers have grown the MIC organization from feeding 50 seniors in 2011 in Isiolo County, to 800 seniors in Isiolo and Kakamega Counties in less than a decade. This charity was created in honor of the memory of Mama Ibado Haji Osman, who dedicated her life to fight against the poverty and the hardships experienced by many among her elderly peers and their families, and left behind a legacy that continues to echo through the region till this very day. ... read more

Mama Ibado saw the devastation firsthand as she watched elderly men and women, struck with various illnesses and degenerative diseases resort to begging, panhandling, and pleading for assistance from friends and family, who were often victims of economic distress themselves, for money to support their grandchildren. This endless struggle to simply survive robbed many of these incredible and dynamic individuals of the right to live their twilight years with dignity, respect and in comfort. With little resources, she began to find creative ways to provide assistance to those in need and quickly developed a reputation as a compassionate individual and a guiding light in the lives of many individuals facing dark times. After her passing in 2009 her son decided to continue her life’s work, and from this desire, Mama Ibado Charity was born.


To be an excellent Global Advocate for the seniors’ Right to access Basic Human Needs.


To alleviate poverty among seniors in Kenya by making the basic needs available to them..


Lasting Change
We are committed to restore dignity & hope of the seniors.

We cater for the needs of all seniors without prejudice regardless of their ethnic background, religion, political affiliation and gender.

Transparent & Accountable
We are responsible in resource stewardship


- To sensitize organizations and individuals to provide financial and technical support to Mama Ibado Charity Advocacy programmes aimed at ensuring the seniors' age in a healthy and dignified manner

- To improve the nutrition and well-being of seniors who have been marginalized through the provision of food on a monthly basis towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal Number three of eradicating hunger and poverty in the community
- To mitigate dependency on seniors through the promotion of education among children and youth by providing tools and opportunities necessary to economic self-sufficient

- To establish and sustain the autonomy of the Feeding and Advocacy programme through the creation of Sustainable initiatives and programs

Amb.Amina Mohamed

Farrah Mohamed

Dr. Mohamud Ali Said

Nimo Hassan Richmond

Geraldine Sinclair-Klack

Christine Sinclair

Tony Orfei

Danny Logullo

President, Founder
Ahmed Rashid Jibril

aims to end generational traumas and obstacles that lead to dysfunction in t...

Executive Vice President
Mariam Ahmed

Mariam Ahmed is a Kenyan National and graduate from York University in Toron...

Finance & Admin Director
Farthosa Ali.

Farthosa is a member of Chartered Professional Accountant in Canada (CPA, CG...

Program Development Manager
Liesa Bidali

Liesa Bidali organizes and plans the effective execution of charity activiti...

Project Coordinator (Isiolo)
Shamso Mohamed Farah

Shamso Mohamed Farah is graduate from SIDHAM Accounts College.
She furthe...

Field Officer Isiolo
Leila Mohamed

Leila has a diploma in project planning and management from the University o...

Logistics officer ( Isiolo)
Abdirizak Sapto

Abdirizak understands that when looking to make an impact, timely arrival ma...

Program Coordinator Kakamega
Makamu Heston

Makamu Heston is dedicated and experienced social worker with more than 5 ye...

Project Coordinator (Kakamega)
Naima Salim

Raised in Kakamega county and a graduate from University of Nairobi. I obta...