Madrassa Feeding Program

Madrassa Feeding Program

Majority of muslim school going children in Kakamega would often spend their free time on the weekends engaging in reprehensible activities and would rarely attend Madrassa classes (Islamic schools that teach the Quran and Islamic values). Following discussion with the religious leaders and community members, they lamented on how these children are losing morals and are engaging in bad behavior and there is a need to keep them occupied during their free time. It was also evident that many of the parents to these children hail from poor backgrounds and spend a lot of time trying to make ends meet and less time with their children. In addition, these parents lack the funds to subscribe their children to various co-curricular activities.

Our Approach

We initiated a Madrassa feeding program to address the issue of food insecurity but also to engage these children in co-curricular activities that will instil discipline as well as empower them to grow and become decent individuals in the society.

Quality Standards
Quality Standards

Our Impact

We have witnessed milestones since the inception of this program in October 2021. They are:

  • Increased enrollment from 100 to 200 students in December 2022.

  • Parents have peace of mind while going about their businesses as they know their children are in good hands studying at the Madrassa.

  • A number of Madrassas in Kakamega have emulated this initiative of the feeding program.

  • This program also serves as a platform for community engagement, allowing us to work with local leaders and stakeholders to address broader social issues.

Our Challenges

The major challenges experienced with this program include:

  • Funds that will ensure the continuity of the madrassa feeding program.

  • There is a need to use technology in data collection methods that will ensure we have accurate records of the number of students fed on a daily basis.

  • Employing clean energy sources in the school’s kitchen that will ensure quality food and reduce our carbon footprint.

Quality Standards
Quality Standards

Our Opportunities

Quality Standards
Quality Standards

We recognize that we cannot address all the challenges on our own.

We call upon like-minded individuals, organizations and governments to support our efforts in promoting quality education through the Madrassa Feeding Program.

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