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    2023-01-28 00:00:00

    Are you passionate about running a farm? Do you enjoy executing farming projects with the aim of impacting knowledge in the community, fulfilling food requirements for the needy and guiding members of said community towards better farming practices? Then the farm operations officer role at Mama Ibado Charity is for you.
    Farm operations

    • Provision of technical assistance in the areas of agricultural productivity (crop production, bee keeping, proper irrigation techniques.
    • Staying abreast of new developments in Food Security, Nutrition and Livelihoods and participates actively in related county based technical working groups and forums and reporting the deliberations of such meetings to MIC.
    • Assess the training needs of farm staff.
    • Provide direction and support to farm staff.
    • Liaise with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperative societies to improve farm operations.
    • Liaison with experts within apiculture to ensure successful setup and running of apiaries.
    • Compile and document all farm activities with emphasis on milestone crop production and bee keeping activities.
    • Monitor project progress and provide feedback to the Program Coordinator with support of and in close cooperation with the field officer.
    • Plan project implementation related activities and ensure knowledge transfer to farm staff.
    • Develop technical agricultural concepts, guidelines, manuals and procedures, which are ready to be applied on the farms.
    • Support the Program Coordinator in compiling monthly reports as well as develop comprehensive quarterly and annual reports for accountability and learning in the agricultural scope of works.
    • Support research and study activities, collect and circulate relevant information, disseminate projects’ experience.
    • Develop and maintain contacts with all relevant networks.
    • Represent the charity and cooperate with government institutions, non-governments organizations and the local community in relevant platforms.
    • Ensure full implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems within the farms, with a focus on produce quality, proper budget allotment.
    • Report all relevant security issues and information to the program coordinator.
    Job requirements
    • Crop production Knowledge- farm running, planting scheduling, IPM and pest management. · Knowledge of the farm area- familiarity with crops that can grow in the area.
    • Experience with market demand- knowledge of market surplus and scarcity periods to allow for easy sale of produce.
    • Knowledge of government in agricultural regulations at county and national level.
    • Preferably a candidate that resides within Isiolo county, Meru County or Laikipia (particularly Nanyuki) · Minimum knowledge of best choice of irrigation for crop options given. · Field experience.
    • Can work cooperatively and effectively with the wider team to set goals, resolve problems and make decisions that enhance organizational effectiveness.
    • Positively influence the team to achieve results that are in the best interests of the organization.
    • Ensure that own behavior and the team’s behavior is consistent with organization values.
    • Assess problems and make recommendations or solve the problems

    • BSc/ Diploma in horticulture or BSc/Diploma in Agricultural education and extension or any other relevant field.
    • At least two years as an extension officer in Eastern and North Eastern counties.
    • Previous experience working with nonprofit is a plus
    • Must have excellent organizational, time management, communication and writing skills; ·
    • Excellent problem-solving, analytical, and critical thinking skills. ·
    • A passion for working in the non-profit space.
    • A team player and enjoys sharing your knowledge with colleagues

    Please submit a one-pager motivation letter and a maximum two-page CV to info@mamaibado.org; applications by 28th January 2023