At our Ibado Farms, we are dedicated to cultivating fresh and nutritious vegetables to supplement our seniors’ feeding program. Our focus is to develop our farm by establishing the appropriate infrastructure necessary to expand our agricultural activities, enabling us to meet our objectives effectively. We specialize in crop production and beekeeping to provide fresh vegetables and honey to our seniors, while also catering to the excess demand.

Crop Production

Our farms allow us to grow crops throughout the year, guaranteeing a consistent supply of fresh vegetables. We prioritize nutritious crops that not only benefit our seniors but also fetch a good price in the market. Our range of viable crops includes fruit trees such as mangoes, papaya, and oranges, kales, spinach, onions, tomatoes, capsicum, watermelons, beans, and maize.

We continue to focus on market-friendly crops such as onions, tomatoes, and capsicum, providing a reliable source of income. Our fruits, leafy greens, beans, and maize make excellent supplements for our seniors’ feeding program.

Quality Standards
Quality Standards

Bee Keeping / Apiculture

Isiolo County provides an ideal environment for beekeeping, allowing us to produce high-quality honey that is both healthy and delicious.

We are utilizing the most widely recommended bee-hives, that will offer approximately an output of 9-15 kgs of honey.


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