The course of true love never runs smooth. When two young individuals fall in love, they feel as though the entire world has no understanding of their priorities. All that matters to them is the golden symphony of their hearts singing together in harmony. Amuria Ekindori Susan’s heart was set ablaze by cupid’s arrows when she came of age. Her lover had just proposed to her. Their love was a smoke made with the fumes of ultimate dedication and loyalty to each other. Everything seemed to fall in place and they seized this moment of immense happiness by sharing the news with their parents.

Susan’s parents were fine with giving away their daughter. However, a bitter disagreement erupted when they demanded the young man to pay an unreasonable amount of dowry. This was not a request. It was a demand, an ultimatum that would decide Susan’s marital future. Vexed to the core, the two lovers devised an elopement. They feared no other fate as they were each other’s fate. Together they sailed the seas of the passionate fire burning within them and carrying the delicious burden of their commitment, they eloped from Isiolo to the neighboring county of Meru. Here, they began a different life, abandoning the Turkana way of pastoralism and adopting the Meru way of farming. 

As they busied themselves with agricultural affairs, Susan’s brother-in-law showed up with the ambivalent news that their parents had forgiven them and that it was okay for them to go back to Isiolo. In order to neutralize the remnants of ill will in her family, Susan’s husband decided to appease them with two cows. 

Back in Isiolo, the two carried on with their agrarian lifestyle and established their own family. With time, their children expanded their progeny but without adequate planning. One of their daughters died leaving behind several children who were abandoned by their father. Susan’s husband took it upon himself to raise these children. While they live in different houses, the two still hold onto their perennial love, visiting each other everyday and spending quality time together.