Sanitary Towel Initiative

Sanitary Towel Initiative

Period poverty is a serious issue that affects millions of girls worldwide. In Kenya, it is estimated that 65% of women and girls cannot afford menstrual hygiene products, which means that a significant portion of the female population is unable to conduct their daily lives during their monthly menstrual cycles. This lack of access to menstrual hygiene products has led to important aspects of life such as education being interrupted for many vulnerable girls during this time.

Our Approach

To address this issue, we launched a Sanitary Towels Program that aims to support girls who cannot afford menstrual hygiene products. Our initiative is focused on partnering with organizations that share our vision and commitment to providing girls with the products they need to manage their menstrual cycles with dignity and confidence.

Quality Standards
Quality Standards

Our Impact

  • Through our partnerships with organizations such as Kakamega Heritage Forest Foundation, Al-walidayn, and Inua Dada, we are able to support 600 girls with an annual supply of Sanitary towels.

  • The girls' enrollment rate has doubled in the schools we support, and we have observed a reduction in absenteeism.

  • We have witnessed improved academic performance due to increased confidence.

Our Challenges

While we have managed to support 600 girls with sanitary towels annually, we have faced some challenges. They include:

  • Funding stabilization- funds unavailability affects the sourcing and distribution of sanitary towels.

  • Price inflation.

  • Period poverty stigma pandemic.

  • Impact reach is only in Kakamega and we would like to reach all Counties in Kenya.

Quality Standards
Quality Standards

Our Opportunities

Quality Standards
Quality Standards

We would like to increase our support to a target 10,000 girls who cannot access menstrual hygiene products.

We believe that every girl deserves access to menstrual hygiene products, and we will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that no girl is left behind due to period poverty.

We call upon like-minded individuals, organizations and governments to support our efforts in promoting quality education and gender equality through the Sanitary Towels Program.

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